Is Zayn Malik Cheating Regularly on Gigi Hadid?!!

Days after Zayn Malik took the decisive step of moving in together with GF Gigi Hadid to take his relationship to the next level, a report has surfaced in the in-print issue of Star magazine which claims that Zayn Malik is cheating on his gf Gigi and that too on a regular basis. The report makes you believe that Zayn's true lover image is faux and he is not the bf he is made out to be.

Zayn is allegedly involved with a groupie in NY who he met at one of his concert a while back.
"Zayn has a regular hookup in New York City. He met her at one of his shows a while back. He sneaks her into his hotel room or they meet up at a rented apartment with private entries," says a star magazine spy.

According to the report Gigi Hadid is not completely oblivious to this issue but she is deeply in love with Zayn to be convinced of any such thing and gives him the benefit of doubt given his troubled past.
"Zayn has no intention of settling down, There are plenty of signs, but maybe Gigi doesn’t care."

For all we know this report in Star magazine may be a hoax as Gigi and Zayn are regularly spotted coming out of Gigi Hadid's NY apartment whenever Zayn is in NY and they look very much in love we might add. Also why would Zayn move in with her in the same apartment if he is having a secret fling with someone else? Let hope at least for Gigi's sake that the report is not true and everyone wants ZiGi to last!