Selena Gomez Latest Bangs Will Set Your Hair Goals AF!

Selena Gomez new Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs are a thang this summer and Selena Gomez confirms it. After Bella Hadid, Selena got her summer makeover (once again) by getting indistinct bangs to go with her cute looks😍😍😍. Its the third time she's changed her hairstyle this season with the other two being face-framing layers she got before her Revival tour and the Honey blonde color after that. And who can blame her, with those gorgeous locks she got the license to experiment with her hairstyle.

If you have any doubt about her new hairstyle (Even after watching the above pic) watch the banging Bangs in action in the video she posted on Instagram. And while you are at it, checkout some cool pictures of your favourite singer with her hair on song.