Tommy's Girl Gigi Hadid Reveals her Guilt Pleasures!

Gigi Hadid has been the favourite Tommy's girl lately. After becoming the face of Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance, she shot another campaign for Tommy. Gigi wore a one piece swimsuit with red and white stripes and v neckline flattering her enviable beach body. The bomber jacket, high tie up cork wedges and the red bike made her the coolest beach chic you'll ever come across.

Gigi has been wearing Tommy Hilfiger outfits away from the campaigns as well She was recently spotted in Tommy's vibrant colourful chic 70's style jacket and pants. Whats more interesting is her recent interview on twitter where she answered question from fans.

"what are your effective stress relivers? #askgigi" the fan asked, to which Gigi then responded, "art, baths, cooking, performing Broadway numbers in my apt.."

Another fan asked what her guilty pleasure is, to which she answered, "sleeping in 😇". Well earlier she has always said that FOOD is her one and only guilty pleasure, so sleep must be a recent addition but one thing is for sure that she isn't so different from the rest of us when it comes to eating and sleeping.

And now we know sleep can bestow an angelic charm so never compromise on it.