Kendall Jenner New Retro Look for 2017

Is Kendall Setting a New Retro Look Trend? Learn More About the Newest Look This Season.

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Kendall Jenner new retro hair look for 2017 -

Retro looks are very pretty and certainly look gorgeous on everyone. Slightly puffed messy hair and lots of waves and curls dominate this look. There is an abundance of bangs and fringes. The looks certainly are very feminine and gorgeous. Brigitte Bardot will continue to be our forever inspiration for the retro look but now we have someone else to look up to while rocking our retro hair looks. And it is none other than our very own favourite, 22 year old model, Kendall Jenner. Kendall recently posted a pic on her Instagram account with retro hair and makeup and captioned it "rest of 2017". So we are expecting that this retro hair look is going to be with her for sometime. It consists of slightly teased hair with a bit messy straight fringes swept at one side of her face. The hair looks like an updo with lots of waves at the back. A bit of hair is worn up and swept to the front. The other aspect of this look which we love is her strong brows. Though she did not wear the traditional heavy eye and dark lips which go with the retro look, yet she manages to look effortlessly chic and glamorous. Here are some pictures where Kendall Jenner rocks her new hair.

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