Kylie Camo Sweat Pants and Winter Pants in Olive Green Candy Pink and Orange Woodland Color

Look Classy in These Recently Launched Kylie Woodland Pants

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Kylie Jenner wearing Kylie Olive Green Military Woodland Camo Sweat Pants
Image Source: The Kylie Shop

Kylie has launched her Camo Collection where she launched bikini, sweat pants, t-shirts, lighter, caps, sports bra, crop top. Everything is Camo in this collection. The following colors are used for camouflage look:

  1. Baby Pink: Candy Woodland
  2. Military Green: Olive Green Woodland
  3. Orange-Black: Orange Woodland

The following types of pants are launched in the Camo collection:

  1. Camo Sweat Pants: In Candy, Olive Green and Orange Colors
  2. Camo Windbreaker Pants: In Candy Woodland Color

There are total 4 Pants from Kylie Camo Collection. We would list them below:

Kylie Shop Camokinis
Kylie Camo Sweatpants
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