Selena is suffering from LUPUS. Here are all the details!

Selena Gomez is unwell and suffering from Lupus Disease. She is undergoing Chemotherapy to treat this

Selena Gomez recently announced that she will take a break from her Revival World Tour for Health Reasons. She is suffering from LUPUS. The side effect of this disease that she is facing is panic attacks and depression! The 24 year old singer said last year that she had undergone chemotherapy to tackle this condition. It seems she is again getting panic attacks and depression symptoms. Hence she wants to deal with her health first, so that she can continue to entertain us without any pain.

Here we will give you more details about this disease LUPUS that Selena Gomez is suffering!

WHAT IS LUPUS The official term of Lupus is Systemic Lupus Erythematotsus (SLE). It is chronic autoimmune condition where the human body makes antibodies which attack itself. It is more common in women than men by 10 times. The age when this disease pops up typically lies between 12 and 25.

IS IT CANCER? No it is not Cancer! Although Lupus and Cancer are unrelated, both can be treated by Chemotherapy. However in both the cases the medication is used in different ways. Methotrexate drug is a chemotherapy drug used to treat both, however the doses are very different for these two disease. For lupus it is not injected, it is taken in pill form. So unlike the Cancer chemotherapy which severly suppresses human immune system, for Lupus the dose it such that the effect on the immune system is far less.


  • 1. Some have mild symptoms like Aches and Tiredness
  • 2. Some have more severe symptom like Organ Damage to Kidneys or/and Hearth
  • 3. Joint Stiffness during mornings
  • 4. Hairfall, Increased sensitivity to Sun Rays
  • 5. Depression, Lung and Heart Disease or Kidney Inflammation

HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY THIS DISEASE WORLDWIDE? Around 5 million people across the globe are suffering from this disease.

We all wish Selena Gomez a speedy recovery, and wish to see her back all fresh and fit.