Who Wore The Same Top Better? Kendall or Kylie?

KEndall Jenner and Kylie Jenner wearing the same top outfit dress

The Jenner sisters have a strong bond no doubt. They have been spotted eating together, holidaying together and partying together as well. What is interesting to note is that they share their clothes as well! Being such big celebrities, it is obvious to assume that they don't repeat their clothes. But this is not the case with Kendall and Kylie. They do wear each other's clothes, copy each others style as well.

We bring for you two such instance. The first one being the Kendall's off-shoulder white crop top. Kendall herself loves this top and has repeated this top quite a few times. Recently Kylie Jenner was also spotted wearing the same white off-shoulder crop top. Both chose to wear blood red Lipstick with the top. Kylie confirmed that she wore Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo Lipstick! We think both were looking super gorgeous in their own way and we love both the sister's look equally.

The second look is where both the sisters were spotted showing heir Black Bra beneath the Destroyed T-shirt! They took the Distressed T-shirt to another level, by wearing a completely front open Black T-shirt! It is interesting that the sisters endorse each others style statement. We think it creates a bigger impact seeing both the sisters starting a new trend. Keep scrolling to look through more pics and find out yourself who looks better in the same outfit!