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Zara Fringe Earrings

Fringle Earrings Are Here to Stay and Zara Has Launched a Line of Fringe Earrings This Fall 2017

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Zara Long Fringe Earring, Tassel Earrings in Red Blue Turquoise and Green and pink with Stone Studded and Pearl Embelishment
Image Source: Zara

Zara has recently launched it's AW-17' collection for Fringe Earrings that are really adorable and can be paired with anything. They have matched beautiful colors like red, turquoise blue, sea green and pink tassels with studded stonework and pearl balls. Hence the earrings don't just stay to be worn at the beach but can be worn on any special occasion too due to the shining stones and pearls attached to it.

Earrings are having a major moment in fashion right now. Personally, I find myself reaching for my tassel earrings more often than my necklaces, largely because they make a casual outfit feel dressier and they are a really easy accessory to wear. Tassel earrings became so popular lately and I am just wondering why just now.
They look so chic, sophisticated and a truly versatile piece that you can style with literally any outfit. In addition, you can wear them with your boho looks, professional attire, to music festivals or just to make your outfit prettier and more stylish on a daily basis.

These swaying earrings come in different colors, textures and designs so make sure to select a pair that will blend with the vibe of your style. Tassel Earrings are both simple and bold, making a statement without being overwhelming. They pair equally well with your date night dress or a t-shirt and jeans, and I think they look especially great with a white top or dress!

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