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What Is the Launch Date for Kylie Capsule Quay Collection?

When Is Kylie Capsule Collection with Quay Australia Launching?

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Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection is something we can't wait to try on!!
Quay has always been a favourite sunglass brand, for both celebrities and common people. The reason of its huge popularity can be owed to the fact that the shades are really affordable and at the same time super stylish. We can call Quay shades as the queen of street style. It is capsule collection consisting of 4 shade styles available in various different colors. The Instagram images of the brand and Kylie Jenner from her photoshoot of the collection is something which looks really exciting. We surely want this to be a part of our wardrobes.

So now, the biggest question is, when is the collection releasing?
It's been announced as the Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection is going to release on July 11, 2017. Since Kylie Jenner has a huge fan following (95. 5 million followers on Instagram, and 21. 9 million on Twitter) and owns a cosmetics company Kylie cosmetics, which is also hugely popular,
the collaboration is expected to be very successful. If you want to get your hands on this collection, make sure that you buy it really fast as it is expected to be sold out within minutes of release like all other Kylie Jenner endorsed products. You can shop the Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection from here. But one thing is for sure, this collection is going to turn heads this summer!

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