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You Would Wonder Who Is Looking More Stunning, Selena Gomez or her Handbags

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Selena Gomez campaigning for Coach handbags Fall 2017 Collection

After being announced as the ambassador of the famous fashion brand COACH, Selena Gomez was seen, for the first time campaigning for Fall 2017 collection of handbags for the brand. The crew of the photoshoot couldn't praise Selena enough for her talent and work. Creative director Stuart Vevers explained about Selena that, “Selena is a rebel and a romantic, a dreamer and a doer who boldly charts her own course. To me, she speaks to a generation; she connects. " He told Vogue at the brand's New York headquarters that, “Selena is a warm, charming person, so to spend time with her is a real pleasure. A lot of the words I’ve used about Coach I found myself very seamlessly using about Selena. We talk about authenticity and ease, and I think that’s why we made the connection. ”

Eminent photographer Steven Meisel who shot the campaign said, "It's been a pleasure working with Stuart Vevers and the team of incredibly talented individuals behind the brand. Inviting Selena Gomez to join the Coach family takes it to another level. " The hair was done by hairstylist Guido Palau and the makeup by Pat McGrath.

In the campaign featuring Selena, she was seen modeling Coach dresses, jacket, and handbag. Selena admitted to PeopleStyle that, 'Coach was actually one of my first designer purchases. Where I'm from in Texas, Coach was the must-have brand. I remember saving up with my cousin, Priscilla, to get matching wallets. '
“My style has definitely evolved over the years but remaining classic at the same time. As far as my daily look it depends on my mood that day. I love a great pair of jeans and boots or sometimes I want to have a bit more fun with my look”, said the 24-year-old singer cum actress.

You can have your hands on the handbags that were launched in this new campaign, the Rogue, the Swagger and the Edie as they are already available on the Coach website.

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