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Supreme Louis Vuitton Collection

Supreme X Louis Vuitton Products Would Drive You Crazy, They Are All So Sexy!

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Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection. Products Pictures of Red, denim, black and blue colors of bags, jacket shoes shirts caps knife bandana and wallets

Louis Vuitton has announced the collaboration with the brand Supreme to launch their Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection this Fall Winter 2017. The Louis Vuitton Supreme Collection is so beautiful that it will take your breath away! From the monograms to the colors of the products, everything is just fantastic. We love the way "Supreme" logo blends with the Louis Vuitton logo. The Louis Vuitton Supreme collection will be sold in pop-up stores all across the globe and would not be available online. However, we are sure the products will be sold on eBay at quite high a price.

We here answer some of the basic questions on the products in the Supreme X Louis Vuitton Collection.

What are the colors in Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection?
The collection comes in 4 colors:

  1. Hottest one being RED
  2. Light DENIM for Casual Look
  3. The evergreen BLACK
  4. Awesome ARMY camo Print

What are the products in Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection?
The are a lot of products in this collection. To be precise there are 43 different products in this collection. We give you the list here with all the products images in the post ahead.

  1. Leather Baseball Jacket: In Red Color
  2. Hooded Jacket With Fur: In Denim Color and Army Colors
  3. Jacquard Denim Chore Coat: In Denim and Army Colors
  4. Jacquard Denim Trucker Jacket: In Denim and Army Colors
  5. Reversible Trench Coat: In Nude and Army Colors
  6. Denim Baseball Jersey: In Red and Denim Colors
  7. Silk Pajama Shirts: In Dark Blue and White Colors
  8. Silk Pajama Pants: In Dark Blue and White Colors
  9. Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt: In Red Color
  10. Supreme Arc Logo Crewneck T-Shirt: In Red Color
  11. Supreme Box Logo Tee: In White and Red
  12. Denim 5 Pocket Jeans: In Denim and Army Color
  13. Denim Carpenter Pant: In Army Color
  14. Denim Dungaree: In Blue and Army Colors
  15. Track Pant: In Army Color
  16. Camp Cap: In Army Color
  17. Leather 5 Panel Hat: In Brown Color
  18. Courier 90 Trunk: In Red
  19. Skateboard Trunk: In Red
  20. Round Keepall Bag: In Red and Army Color
  21. Christopher Backpack: In Red and Black
  22. Small Cross bags Danube PPM: In Red and Black
  23. Apollo Backpack: In Army Color
  24. Bumbag PM: In Red and Army Color
  25. Pouchette: In Red Color
  26. Chain Wallet: In Red and Black
  27. Slender Wallet: In Red and Black
  28. Pocket organizer: In Red
  29. Initial 40 MM Belt: In Red and Brown
  30. Baseball Gloves: In Red and Brown
  31. Sports Sneaker: In Black/Brown and White/Red
  32. Run Away Sneaker: In Black, White and Red colors
  33. Huge Slipper: In Red and Black colors
  34. City Mast Sunglasses: In Red and Black
  35. Downtown Sunglasses: In Red, White and Army colors
  36. Monogram Blanket: In Red
  37. Monogram Pillow: In Red
  38. Monogram Scarf: In Red
  39. Monogram Bandana: in Red
  40. Eye Trunk for I Phone 7 and 7 Plus: In Red
  41. Bottle Opener Keychain: In Silver
  42. Pocker Knife Keychain: In Red and Army colors
  43. Dice Keychain: In Red and Army Color

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