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Where to Buy Kylie Quay Collection Sunglasses

How to Buy the Gorgeous Kylie Quay Capsule Collection?

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Kylie Quay Sunglass Collection Called Capsule Collection All Shapes Sizes and COlors

Get all the details of how to buy the Quay Kylie Sunglass Collection this July. We tell you the website details from where you can buy the products after 11 July 2017.

When will the collection release?
The collection is suposed to release on July 11, 2017. You can shop Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection here.

How To Buy Kylie Quay Sunglasses?
Kylie and Quay Sunglasses would launch on the Quay Australia Website. You have to go here and place your order once the collection is live from 11 July 2017.

Quay Australia has been our long term favorite brand of shades. Both celebrities and common people love this brand especially because it's so affordable yet super stylish. You will always spot celebrities in their shades. Quay has been known for a long time for its fearless and bold designs which is one of the reasons that celebrities love it. The affordable street wear shades in various styles and colors are a must have, especially for the millennial men and women. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are no exceptions when it comes to being a fan of this brand. So recently we were really excited when Quay Australia announced that it was collaborating with Kylie Jenner for a new collection. So here's all you need to know about the Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection.

Why did Kylie Jenner go for Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection?

  • Kylie has been a fan of Quay Australia shades for a long.
  • She has been wearing these stylish shades for a long time and finally decided to collaborate with Quay Australia for her own line of stylish shades.
  • She has been creating lots of collections of her own recently. Quay Australia is another additionto the long list.
  • Kylie Jenner has more than 95. 5 million followers on Instagram, and 21. 9 million on Twitter. So the publicity of the shades is going to huge.
  • The collection is expected to be very much in demand.

What is the Quay Australia X Kylie Jenner collection like?

  1. The collection consists of four styles of shades.
  2. The cost is supposed to be between $75 and $80.
  3. It consists of a cat eye, oversized shield and aviators and little glasses from 90s style.
  4. The shades whick kylie wore in her photoshoot for the campaign were dark glasses, lilac glasses and the eternal favourite of celebrities, yellow glasses. Gigi recently wore yellow shades in NewYork.
  5. All the shades, especially the red framed ones are a treat to the eye.
  6. The pink shades are something you can wear this summer as it is really different.
  7. The shades are expected to be available in numerous different colors including brights and darks.

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