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Gigi Hadid Yellow Glasses

If You Think That the Glasses Are Doing All the Magic, Wait Till You See Those Rainy Shoes!

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Gigi Hadid New York Street Style on June 25, 2017 - Yellow Boots and Yellow Aviators with Distressed Denim and a White Tank Top While Grabbing a Styrofoam Disposable Coffee Cup
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One of those celebrities who you can always look up to for the latest fashion trends is Gigi Hadid. She is a trendsetter who somehow manages to break the trends too. On Sunday and Monday, 25th and 26th June 2017 respectively, she was spotted on the streets of New York in 3 different ensembles. One of these was a super stylish neutral denim look but with an added pop of yellow. This added lots of style statement to the look and the outfit is something you can easily try yourself. Let's see what the look is like and how to obtain the same.

  • A pair of asymmetrical distressed denim is the base of the look.
  • The well-fitted pair of denim reached up to the lower end of her calf of the leg.
  • A well fitted white tank top went over it.
  • A good pair of fitted denim and a perfect tank top has been any model's favorite wear for ages.
  • Now the twist comes when Gigi adds a pop of color to the look.
  • Her yellow boots with black accents are powerful and a really great combination to go with the jeans.
  • Next is her pair of yellow aviators, which match with the boots.
  • Yellow aviators are a favorite among the new age models, including Gigi's sister Bella Hadid.
  • Gigi also carried a small, stiff purse in her hands.
  • The purse was really cute and something you can easily buy from anywhere.
  • Her hair was simple and tied back while her makeup was very pretty and natural.
  • She carried a disposable cup of coffee and seemed to be enjoying her day out to the fullest.

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