Kylie Camokinis for Summer

Get Yourself a Camokini to Swim Ahead of Beach Fashion This Summer

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Kylie Jenner wearing Kylie camokini camouflage bikini ahead of its launch on Kylie Jenner shop on 6/8

Summer is here, and so are the endless pool parties and beach trips which leaves us with a huge confusion, what to wear?

Looking at the beach wear trends, one of the most popular and trending swimsuits must be Camo bikini. Ever since Kylie Jenner announced her soon to release collection of camouflage bikinis and modelled the herself on Instagram page of Kylie shop, the demand of these bikinis have skyrocketed. So if you are one of those fashion geeks who love to keep up with the trends and follow Instagram fashion then one of the camo bikini pieces are a must have in your wardrobe.

So, now the question is, does the trend look good on every one?
And fortunately, the answer is YES. Regardless of your body type, your skin and hair color etc., this is sure to look good on you. Make sure to find a bikini design you are comfortable in. We here have liked a few camo bikinis below from boohoo, asos, matchesfashion etc. Which have a very good collection of camo bikinis.
If you want to add a twist to this, then go for a camouflage bikini, but change the color scheme.

When you wear this bikini, make sure to keep makeup very minimal and natural. Pair it with neutral flip flops and open hair styled in beachy waves and you are good to go.

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