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Be a Bride or a Bridesmaid, Every Girl Dreams About Wearing Pink Color Lehenga to an Indian Wedding!

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It is rightly said, pink is a girl's favorite color. Right from the tender ages, most of us have loved this color and have demanded everything pink. The sheer versatility and the number of shades this color has got, makes us fall in love again and again with it. It seems like there is something for everyone and everybody. Now when it comes to choosing Lehenga, we are often confused by the variety which this color gives us. Bright or dull, subtle or loud, warm or cool, it gets really confusing. But fear not, here we have brought you the best colors and styles of lehenga and this will surely help you find your perfect Lehenga. Whether you are young or mature, bride or bride's friend, you will find your best Lehenga here.

What color to opt for?
If you are the bride, we would suggest you go for loud and bright colors like hot pink and magenta since these shades of fuchsia will help you stand out and look super glam.
For the young and beautiful besties of the bride, go for shades like baby pink, dusty rose, peachy shades, and pastels.
If you are someone older and mature then go for either lighter shades or shades with beige accents and undertones. Warmer shades of pink work really well too.

What footwear to choose?
If your Lehenga is lightweight and comfortable then you can wear high heels and stilettos.
But if you have chosen a heavy lehenga and there is going to be lots of moving around then you should opt for Indian Mojaris and traditional sandals which are flats and will feel very comfortable.

What makeup to opt for?

  • If your Lehenga is loud and bright, then you can try bold lips with it but we would suggest you to keep eyes understated and not to add too much color to it.
  • For lighter shades, you can opt for heavy Smokey eyes and pastel lids. Keep lips nude or try a lipgloss.
  • For warmer shades, you get lots of versatility and can experiment around with lots of looks.

How to drape your dupatta?

  • The over the head drape us perfect for brides.
  • The casual thrown over drape will give you a carelessly beautiful look.
  • The pleated dupatta will look neat and tidy and serious.
  • The one side casual drape over the arm gives a really dreamy and gorgeous look.
  • If your dupatta is sheer, then draping all over your body is the best option.
  • You can try a Gujarati drape which leaves the dupatta free at the front.

We have linked the following list of lehenga for you:

  1. Baby Pink Lehenga
  2. Magenta Pink Lehenga
  3. Hot Pink Lehenga
  4. Orange and Pink Lehenga
  5. Powder Pink Lehenga
  6. Peach Pink Lehenga
  7. Gold and Pink Lehenga
  8. Dusty Pink Lehenga
  9. Pink and Blue Lehenga
  10. Pink and Black Lehenga
  11. Pastel Pink
  12. Pink and Beige

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