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Best Belt Bags 2017

This Kendall Jenner Favourite Bag Is the Hottest Street Style Accessory This Holiday Season

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Fanny pack , bum bag or belt bags make a comeback- Kendall Jenner brings fanny pack back in style - best fanny bags for summer 2017 pictures - fanny bag trend 2017 picture
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Fashion trends come and go, but the big news is when decades later, a certain trend makes a comeback. Fanny bags were pretty stylish back in 80s and 90s and again, this useful and fashionable style seems to have made a comeback. Call it a bum bag, fanny bag or a belt bag, these trendy little goodies are just like a treat for us. Just tie the bag like a belt and you can easily forget about it. There is no weight on your arms and you dont need to drag it around everywhere. Whether you want a casual and cool look, a hipster look or even looking for something classy and dressy, these bags will help you stay stylish.

One of the main reasons for the comeback of these bags is the elder Jenner sister, model Kendall Jenner wearing these bags for three consecutive days in May 2017. We can safely say that it was a huge factor in the comeback. Drew Barrymore's daughter Dree Barrymore has also carried this bag. You can easily be abother trendsetter if you carry this bag this season. This is one of the most stylish and very in fashion trends of 2017. Here we have brought you the types of best fanny packs which you should surely try according to your style. Here are the categories:

  • Black fanny pack
  • Browns and Neutrals
  • Pretty Pinks
  • Curved Fanny Pack
  • Muti Bag Belt
  • Animal Prints and Camo Fabrics
  • Pure and white

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