Kendall Jenner won the TCA Female Hottie Award and we know why!

Kendall Jenner won the Teen Choice award 2016 for the Hottest Female

Kendall Jenner has proved time and again that no one can beat her when it comes to Street Style! She has a super model status with her, has connections with the Kardashians, and now has an official Teen Choice Award tag of being the Hottest Female 2016.

Yes, we so much agree with the TCA's choice as Kendall indeed the hottest and flawless supermodel currently. That is why she is endorsing all big brands, walking runway for all the big designers.

We love this complete black look of hers where she wears a black polo t-shirt and black tights. She shows off her flat abs and indeed it looks super sexy! Keep scrolling to look through more of Kendall Jenner's Hottest look in 2016 and stay Glued. We tell you exactly when she looked super hot!

Kendall Jenner Bikini Selfie from 4th July Weekend

Her selfie which she posted on Instagram in skimpy bikini bagged 2.4 Million Likes and it was just a reminder of her incredible bikini style throughout the year.

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Kendall Jenner NY outing with BFFs Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin made headlines because of her see-through bodysuit top which put her intimate nipple piercing on full display in public.