Kendall Jenner's Latest Fashion Experiment Includes Bra!

Just when we have heard a lot on Kendall Jenner and why she is comfortable not wearing Bra in Public, Kendal Jenner was spotted endorsing a new style to show off her BRA on the streets of New York.

Kendall wore a front open 'Destroyed' T-Shirt by taking the Distressed T-shirt style to the next level. With baggy sleeves and T-shirt tucked up at the waist, Kendall showed how effortlessly she can reveal her Bra in public and still be super comfortable! The ingenius frontless T-shirt still had the neck collar intact to gives the illusion of a choker strap.

She is wearing a Beaded Chokers which confirms her obsession for Chokers is still not over. You can read about her love for Chokers here.

She does follow the hottest trend of summer 2016 by wearing a body chain while flaunting the bikini bra. Apart from her T-shirt, bra, choker and her glares, the most stunning accessory she chose to complete her look is the White Turtle Boots. We must say it looks awesome and is a must have for all the fashionista. Keep scrolling to look through all the pictures of Kendall in this attire.