Monika Ghurde Passes Away!

Monika Ghurde was found dead in her Sangolda residence on 7th october

Monika Ghurde the go-to-perfumer of the fashion industry hailing from Nagpur, Maharashtra was found dead on 7th October at her Sangolda residence in the morning.
The police is suspecting that she has been murdered brutally in her rented three-bedroom flat in Sangolda village.
Her hands and legs were tied to the bed proving it to be a planned murder.

Monika Ghurde was one precious gem of the glamour world.
The perfume specialist was always intrigued by the fragrance of jasmine flowers.
This curiosity brought her into a brand new spectrum of smells and fragrances, and turned a photographer into a perfumer.
To widen her research she also worked under a well known perfumery in UK Picor Laboratories .

She made the country proud being one of the few internationally renowned perfumers.
May her soul rest in peace and her memories bloom in our hearts. Forever. 💓