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Kylie Jenner Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin

These Super Cute Bears Are Store House of Vitamins and Nutrients for Your Awesome Hair

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Kylie Jenner Eats These Blue Bear Gums for Healthy Hair. SugarBearHair Is Specially Formulated with a Blend of Vitamins and Nutrients That Work Together to Give You the Best Hair and Nails Nutritional Support

Kylie Jenner posted an image on Instagram eating blue bears. There bear gums are vitamin capsule which you can chewy. They are very delicious and Kylie Jenner keeps her hair healthy by eating these capsules. She is doing this ad on Instagram for SugarBearHair who have over 1 million followers on Instagram.


  • These are super delicious
  • These Grow Your Hair
  • Results in 3 months
  • They are chewy Hair Vitamins
  • They are vegetarian
  • They are cruelty-free
  • They ship worldwide


  • If you are allergic to biotin you cannot take it.

You can buy the three months pack for $79 at Sugar Bear Hair.

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