KKW Beauty Contour Kit Brush and Highlighter Launch Date and Time

When Is KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit Launching?

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KKW Beauty Launch Date and Time for Contour Kit And Highlighter Kit by Kim Kardashian's Cosmetics Line Summer Collection

When all the Kim Fans Are Going Crazy On Kims Cosmetics Range Announcement, the first question which comes up to everyone is when is KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian launching its first product?

So this information is now public. Recently Kim did an interview with Forbes, and she revealed there that she is launching her new Cosmetics Line for the first time. She is super excited about it and has worked very hard single-handedly.

Even on Social Media, Kim has announced the launch date in a style. It's an Instagram video with the date flashing. She has picked up nude peach color as the background color for her website and logo for KKW Beauty. This has to be KIM's favorite color. We all know Kim simply love nudes. That's her class.

So Finally We let you know the launch date. It is 21 June 2017. She is launching her product on the June Solstice which also happens to be the World Yoga Day. Kim definitely is a very powerful woman, and she would show her businessman skills here.

Kim in her excitement also revealed that she will launch a product each month. It would be for skin, face or fragrance. She has worked very hard for it. She started off with her ALL TIME FAVOURITE product CONTOUR KIT. Everyone who knows Kim, knows that she is the queen of Contouring. Hence we can expect the contour sticks for all the various skin colors and highlighter with a brush.

Mark the Date and the Time, be ready on kkw beauty website. Sign up beforehand so that you can save time on the launch date. It should be similar to how Kylie cosmetics website function.

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