How Much KKW Beauty Contour Stick and Highlight Kit from Kim Kardashian Cost

Are KKW Beauty Products Really Affordable?

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Price List KKW Beauty Products Contour Kit and highlighter Dual Stick Brush launching on 6.21  at 9 am PST by Kim KArdashian

The much-awaited cosmetics product of the summer is launching in 5 days! KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian finally revealed all the details about the products and the prices. The Cost of the Kit has been revealed and it is quite close to our expectation.

What is the price of the KKW Beauty Contour Kit?
The Price of the KKW Beauty and Contour Kit is $48. It is quite a value for money product given that the kit contains so many beautiful and useful products.

What are the KKW products you would get in One Kit?
There are three products you would get in one kit. But those three products are all dual sticks, hence it is like you are getting six products with each kit purchase. Given the Cost of Total Kit is $48, You can more or less guess that the price for each side of the stick is $8. Which is quite reasonable we must say.

How Can Knowing the Cost of the Product Before Hand Help You?
Since the buying window would open at 9 AM PST, you can plan your budget accordingly. In case you wish to buy multiple Kits, you know what the price it. What the Kit Contains. You can do all your calculations and be absolutely ready at 9 AM on 6. 21 so that you don't miss out on the wonderful Kit and there are no last moment surprises for the buyer. Sign Up on KKW website before hand to avoid delays.

Can You Buy Individual Products of the Kit?
No, You cannot buy individual products of the Kit. You have to buy the whole bundle which would include one contouring stick, one dual highlighter stick and one perfect sponge and brush blender too.

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