Coral Mother of Pearl Nail Art Trends 2017

40 Seashell Nail Art Ideas Which Will Bring Out the Hidden Mermaid in You

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It seems that our favorite Instagram nail artists always keep on coming up with something new and innovative so that our nails are always on point and keep looking fashionable. Shell nails are the latest and trending nail art which we all love and can't help wishing for whenever we look at those amazing pictures 😍.
They are pretty and remind us of beautiful and serene beaches and the sun and sands we all love. Some of these have mermaid theme and are all filled up while the others have a clear or one color base for the shell setting. French manicure as the base looks really classy and help the focal shells stand out. Also, using the shell nail as our accent nail is a pretty good idea.
How to do sea shell nail art?
Since there are a variety of sea shell nail art designs, there are various ways to go for it. A simple design can be tried by sticking on crushed sea shells to your nails while a more complex version could be creating an inlay using nail gel. You could also ask your manicurist to give you a complete shell nail by using faux acrylic shell. Another way is creating a 3d design by painting a realistic shell on your nail.
So, if you are planning to try something rally fashionable and trendy then surely give the shell nails a shot. Though some designs are a bit high maintainence, gel based shell nail designs are quite easy to maintain. So these are 40 amazing shell nail designs which will give you ideas about all kinds of shell nail designs possible and will act as a great source of inspiration for you next manicure session.

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