Mac Shadescent Ruby Woo Fragrance Review

The Perfect RED MAC Shadescent for All Who Know How to Speak Your Mind Yet Hold Back Secrets!

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One of the most iconic lipsticks of all time is MAC Ruby woo. Used by chic women all over the world,
this is a color we can always turn to for the Parisian glamor. We have forever been in love with the beautiful classic red and the sophisticated color is just what we need to spice up that gorgeous LBD. Recently, for the holiday season 2016, MAC released 6 shade scents to match with 6 of its iconic lipsticks. Ruby woo is a rich, dark and mature shade and the strong perfume goes perfectly with it. Instagram bloggers and celebrities are going crazy over this duo and Ruby woo sure wins our hearts, all over again.

What is the Ruby woo color about?
It's a perfect red. Most reds we see nowadays are usually with a tinge of orange or a bit on the darker edge, or brownish which makes it look maroon. Ruby woo is a shade which is still really famous even after all these years. This is a real red color which can make you look instantly glamorous while brightening you up. It's a bold red with a blue undertone. Blue pigmented reds are usually brighter and richer, and Ruby Woo definitely is a solid bright red color for the lips. The shade is just right for all those who are in love with the red lipstick but cannot decide which red lipstick to buy.

What is the texture of Ruby woo lipstick like?
It's a matte lipstick. It can be a bit drying, so exfoliating and moisturizing lips is a must for this gorgeous color. This will ensure that the color looks crack free and stays long. But despite being a really matte color, this glides really easily on lips which is quite surprising and appreciable. MAC boasts of the shade being a retro matte. This proves that it is one step ahead of the usual matte lipstick.

What kind of skin does it look good on?
This beautiful color looks good on all complexions and ages. It brightens up instantly and makes you look gorgeous. For lighter skin tones this surely gives an instant wow factor to your look. The good part of this red shade is that it looks even more wonderful on dusky to dark skin. So it is usually a safe buy since it goes very well with all skin tones.

How long does the lipstick last?
No fear of bleeding color and lipstick all over your face, this color is really long lasting and bleeding is really minimal, even with eating and drinking. But make sure that lips are well prepped. You can use MAC prep and prime lip for the perfect base and MAC oil for hydration.

What are the points to keep in mind before using Ruby woo?
1. Prep prep prep
This step is very essential. Don't even think of skipping it. You can try lip balms or lip oils for hydration and MAC sugar lip scrub is perfect for both exfoliating and moisturizing.

2. Keep makeup minimal
Overdoing makeup is never a very good idea. So, keep the rest of the face minimal to avoid clashing with the bright lip. You can try subtle smoky eyes for a glamorous night out. Try avoiding blush as it makes the look more overdone than gorgeous.

What is the Ruby woo Shade scent like?
In short, it's just as powerful as Ruby woo lipstick. The perfume comes in a sleek red glass bottle packaging, this fragrance is irresistible. It looks super hot when you hold it with the Ruby Woo Lipstick on your lips.
If I were to describe the fragrance of the Ruby Woo Shade scent these are the main components of what it smells like:
1. A luscious first bite of mouth-watering wild cherry
2. Pops of rich saffron
3. Hint of red pepper
4. Slight Iris and Rose
5. Refreshing Sandalwood

The fragrance lasts 12 hours long. So it is perfect for a full day wear to work or for parties.

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