Creme D Nude Lipstick and Perfume Review

Bring Out the Boldness in You with MAC CRÈME D'NUDE!! Your Hunt for the Perfect Nude Lipcolour Ends Here

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Your hunt for the perfect nude ends here. Crème D'nude succeeds in bringing you all the peachy brown nude you desired and with its amazing texture and colour, we can see why this lip colour is one of MAC Cosmetic's bestseller. It adds a subtle sheen to your lips without any over the top shimmer and somehow manages to make you look sultry and sophisticated at the same time. Its a gorgeous shade and now MAC has surprised us this holiday season by introducing a matching Crème D' nude shadescent which captures the pure radiance of the lipstick into a perfume and brings out its mood perfectly.

What is the lip color like?
Peachy nude would be an apt description for this sophisticated statement in a little package. It is basically peachy but has hints of brown to it. It is more of a beige beauty. It brightens up instantly and lends that forever desired sophisticated glamor.

Who does it look good on?
Somehow, it manages to look good on every skin tone. It does not enhance the paleness of pale women and does not make darker women look washed out and chalky. It suits all ages and can be worn by teens as well as mature women. A more versatile shade is rarely seen. It can be worn in the day as well as night.

Is it vegan?
Unfortunately, MAC Cosmetics is not vegan and cruelty-free since it is available in China and in China is it mandatory by law for the company to provide money for animal testing. It uses products like beeswax, carmine, and glycerine which are not vegan and derived from animal sources.

What is the texture of the lipstick like?
The texture is the best thing ever. It's beautifully creamy and an amazing consistency which you are gonna love. It is very hydrating on the lips and feels lightweight. You can wear it all day because of its weightlessness and perfect color. Plus, it is easy to remove too.
It is quite well pigmented and is a buildable nude.

What kind of makeup looks good with this lipstick?
Go for bold eyes. Since the lip will be subtle and understated, you can play up the eyes. Bold smoky eyes and nude lips have been an eternally gorgeous combination. You can also try pop eyes and experiment with various different bold and highly pigmented colors. Read on for some amazing looks with crème D'nude lipstick.

How long does the lipstick last?
It is very long lasting and stays without reapplication even with eating and drinking.

How to prep lips?
Exfoliating with mac sugar scrub is a very good idea since you don't need to wipe it off as it stays as a hydrating layer. You can make a DIY scrub with sugar and coconut oil.

What is the Crème D'nude shadescent like?
MAC cosmetics say that this shadescent, like its lipstick counterpart, captures the vibrant sexiness of radiant, glowing skin.

It is basically a vanilla based flavor which has layers of caramel to it. Sure sounds yummy!!

Amber flavor and musk feel make sure that you feel like it's your own skin.

It's a velvety, musky scent which is very clean and classy and with its vanilla and ambrette hints to it.
For some sophisticated charm, this will be a perfect perfume.

It retails in a sleek glass bottle with a beige color and consisting of 30 ml of the product.

Just like its lipstick counterpart, it is a very natural skin based perfume and brings out the best of you while not being too loud or overpowering.

It stays for 12 hours.

Where to buy from?
MAC COSMETICS sells the lipstick for $17 and the shadescent for $57.

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