Kylie Silver Series Makeup Brushes

All You Need to Know About the 16 Silver Brushes from Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series

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Kylie Cosmetics revealed her third Xmas Surprise for 2017. The first was Kylie Silver Series Lipstick and the second was Kylie Silver Series Skin Concealers.

The third surprise is Kylie Silver Brush Set. There are a total of 16 Makeup Brushes in Kylie's Silver Series Brushes. There will be a limited edition of the brush set which will be sold for a price of $360. We will tell the use of each and every brush from #1 to #16.

What is the price of the individual brush set from Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series?
You can buy the brushes as a set or individually from Kylie Cosmetics website for:
1. Large Powder Brush $48
2. Large Stippling Brush $30
3. Medium Tapered Brush $28
4. Dense Powder Brush $26
5. Angled Face Brush $24
6. Rounded Face Brush $28
7. Medium Stippling Brush $22
8. Small Fluff Brush $22
9. Fan Brush $20
10. Large Shader Brush $20
11. Angled Blending Brush $16
12. Medium Shader Brush $20
13. Small Shader Brush $18
14. Concealer Brush $18
15. Tapered Blending Brush $20
16. Small Smudge Brush $18

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