Kylie Sherbet Lipstick Orange Shade - Silver Series

The Sherbet Lipstick from Kylie's Silver Series Will Remind You of This Kylie Cosmetics Classic Lipkit!

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Sherbet Lipstick Swatches Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Orange and Brown Color

The shade Sherbet from the Kylie cosmetics silver series is going to bring back childhood memories about sweet sherbet candies!!

The peachy tone of Kylie cosmetics silver series shade Sherbet is quite reminiscent of one of the very first lipkits by Kylie cosmetics, Dazzle lipkit. But this shade is slightly brighter, and of course in a cute silver lipstick packaging which is really portable and easy to carry around.

As far as the shade of Sherbet is concerned, it has a tangy and youthful tone to it which will appeal more to younger girls and teenagers. The shade can also be dabbed on instead of being worn like a full blown intense lipstick.
The pigmentation of the shade Sherbet from the Kylie cosmetics silver series is just amazing, like all 20 shades from the Silver series. Just one swipe is enough to deliver intense pigmentation which will last you long without the hassle if regular touch up. The shade is just perfect for a girl's night out or a brunch.
As it is slightly unconventional and more towards orange, the shade will produce stunning results on most skin tones. From the palest to the darkest, you will find your perfect bold match in this lipstick.

The pricing of the lipstick Sherbet is expected to be a bit on the slightly higher side. You can expect the cost of 1 lipstick to be around $17 which is slightly more than most drugstore brands. With the holiday season approaching, Kylie cosmetics silver series is sure to receive quite a bit of attention when it releases on December 13th.

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