Kylie Light Pink Lipstick Puppy Love Silver Series

The Most Sexiest Baby Pink Lipstick You Have Ever Seen!

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Kylie cosmetics Puppy Love Lipstick  Swatches silver series Pink Shade

We have seen and loved all the shades of Kylie lip kits and lipglosses, but this time, Kylie cosmetics has really killed it with Puppy love, the sexiest baby pink ever!!

There is always a lot of buzz and excitement around anything new released by Kylie cosmetics, the company owned by 21 year old Keeping up with the Kardashians star and youngest member of the Kardashian Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. Amidst pregnancy rumours, though nothing has been confirmed yet, Kylie Jenner is still managing to surprise her fans with latest lipkits, eye shadow palettes, highlighters and now even lipsticks.
With their amazing range of products, Kylie cosmetics is yet to disappoint her fans and this time it seems that Kylie has really answered the prayers of her fans. She is now all set to release 20 new shades of lipstick, available individually in the original retractable lipstick form and named The silver series.

Kylie cosmetics has the ability of the company to cater to people of all skin tones. This time too, it seems like she has made the cut with the shade range of her lipsticks, which includes vivid brights, tantalizing nudes, and fiery reds. Moreover, there is also a raspberry shade, named Raspberry Charlotte and a dark, gothic purple, Lovesick. But the shade PUPPY LOVE, really caught our attention as it is the perfect nude which suits all skin tones.

What is the shade PUPPY LOVE like?

  • PUPPYLOVE is the perfect cool undertoned nude shade.
  • It is a pretty pastel pink. The color looks almost addictive and has the potential to become the go-to lipstick for those who love to rock a subtle pout.
  • It is one of the lightest nude shades of her collection and a pink based nude.

What is the texture of PUPPY LOVE like?

  • All the 20 shades of new lipsticks are creamy and emollient, unlike the lip kits and liners which had the tendency to dry lips out.
  • This will leave your lips feeling hydrated and us good for the cold and dry holiday season as well as dry skinned beauties.

When and where is PUPPY LOVE going to be released?
The shade will be released along with 19 other shades from the silver collection on December 13th, on Kylie cosmetics official website.

Who does PUPPY LOVE look best on?

  • PUPPY LOVE is a shade which looks good on all skin tones.
  • Yellow undertoned people might find it a washed out looking, but you can pair it with a darker lip liner to get a modern and trending two-toned pout.
  • For the darker skin tones, the pale shade acts as a very good nude but standout shade especially when paired with a shade of brown.

What is the price of Silver Series Lipstick? The price of this lipstick is $17. However actual price will be revealed on 13th December 2017on Kylie Cosmetics website.

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