Kylie Pomegranate Lipstick Red Shade- Silver Series

This Pomegranate Red Lipstick from Kylie's Silver Series Looks as Juicy as the Fruit!

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Pomegranate Lipstick Swatches Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Red Color

Pomegranate from Kylie cosmetics silver series is the perfect red to rock with your LBD!!

Red lipstick always looks classy and adds a touch of boldness to any simple outfit. Kylie cosmetics has perfectly captured the essence of a dull red in their shade Pomegranate from the silver series. Let's see what the shade like.

What is the shade Pomegranate like?

  • Pomegranate takes the break from the usual nudes and browns of the silver series and turns bolder with a red shade.
  • It is not very bright, that is, its lower on the blue pigment, but is more towards the yellowish undertone which looks classy instead of a blindingly bright red.
  • This factor attributes to the shade Pomegranate being perfectly suited for a daytime as well as night party look.
  • For daytime, pair it with a light fabric in pastel shades or white or even if you want to wear the bold pout look to your office.
  • For a nighttime look, go for Smoky eyes and LBD with pomegranate from the silver series.

What is the texture of Pomegranate like?
Creamy and hydrating, the long staying, as well as an emollient power of the lipstick, ensures that you keep looking on point and the color does not bleed out of lip line. It does not dry your lips out.

The expected prices of the lipstick is around $17 which is quite a good value for money for a lipstick of this quality. Get ready to buy pomegranate from the silver series on 13th December on the Kylie cosmetics official website.

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