Head Over Heels Burgundy Kylie Lip Kit Review

HEAD OVER HEELS LIPKIT by Kylie Jenner, and You Gonna Fall in Love with It!!

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Kylie lip kits are totally in now. Whether it's our favorite beauty bloggers, Instagram stars or regular girls, everyone loves it. Dark liquid matte lipsticks are really in now and here is a beautiful burgundy shade named HEAD OVER HEELS.

What is this kylie lip kit about?
• Head over heels is a deep plum color.
• It's a burgundy color with a hint of purple but at the same time, it's not too dark and has the right amount of brightness.
• It looks super matte and dry but actually feels soft on lips. It's just the right texture we all dream about.

Since the color is not too loud, it suits most skin tones really well and makes the wearer look gorgeous.
• It looks good on all age but maybe slightly mature women would prefer this color more.
• It comes in usual box packaging with the name of the company Kylie with its lip logo. The lip kit consists of 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick and 1 Pencil Lip Liner.

How to wear it?

• The lip kit consists of a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick.
• We would advise you to use a lip scrub and a lip balm since flaky lips don't exactly go well with liquid matte lipsticks.
• Firstly, use a sharpener to make sure your lip liner has the perfect point which will give you the perfect outline to your pout.
• Then go over your entire lips with the pencil. This helps the color to last longer.
• Then use the liquid lipstick all over your lip. Make sure to apply it evenly. Kylie lip kit applicators are really soft and deliver the right amount of product and hence we love it.

How to prep lips for this product?
• Use a lip scrub or lip scuff. Body shop and mac cosmetics sell really good lip exfoliators. Then apply a lip oil or a lip balm for extra moisture for the perfect base.

When was head over heels lip kit launched?
Head over heels lip kit is a part of the Valentine collection which Kylie released on February 1, 2017.

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