Kylie Dirty Peach Lip Kit Review

Dirty Peach Is the Perfect Orange Undertoned Nude Which You Have Forever Desired

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Kylie cosmetics dirty peach lipkit review and looks -

With the advent of beautiful spring summer season, there is a need in our make up kits for some nice, light and summery shades which glam you up and at the same time does not weigh down lips.
Liquid matte lipsticks are a great choice for summer and Kylie cosmetics has always come up with amazing lip kits in pretty shades.
Kylie cosmetic's Dirty peach lipkit is a really glamorous and wonderful colour with orange undertones. It's a bit towards the brighter side though not overly so. It will ensure that your lips are just on point, looking plump and pretty. Moreover, the long-lasting formula ensures you don't need retouching even with eating and drinking.
You just need light makeup or no makeup with it, and you are good to go. You can wear it daily to work or even while partying. Read to know more about this amazing lip kit which was released in August 2016. It is now available as a single. You can individually buy the lipstick and lipliner.

What is the Kylie cosmetics Dirty peach shade like?

  • Kylie cosmetics describes it as mid-tone yellow peach.
  • It is a warm peachy tone.
  • It has hints of orange-brown to it.
  • It's bit towards the brighter side where peachy nudes are concerned but it's not too bright.
  • It has yellow undertones which look good on most skin tones. This lip kit goes amazing with the royal peach eyeshadow palatte and you can read the review here. You would love to see Kylie in various looks wearing a peach makeup. It would make you realise the secret of Kylie's awesome instagram images are her love for peach makeup.

What is the texture like?
Lip liner

  • It is a very creamy texture.
  • It glides easily on lips.
  • It is very well pigmented.
  • It gives an opaque look to lip even without the liquid lipstick.

Liquid lipstick

  • Its texture is a bit runnier than the previous liquid lipsticks which suggest that there have been improvements in the formula.
  • It glides easily on lips.
  • It feels soft and light on lips.
  • It does not feel like you have put on anything on lips which is great for people who find heavy makeup uncomfortable.

What does the lip kit contain? The lip kit contains one liquid lipstick and one lip liner.
The best part is Kylie cosmetics have started selling lipstick and liner separately so if you need just one product, you can get it individually.

Who does it look good on? It looks good on EVERY SKIN TONE. Yes, sounds impossible, but the youngest Kardashian-Jenner has somehow managed to find a shade which looks good on every skin tone.
On yellow undertoned skin, it is the perfect nude for fair to medium complexions.
On darker skin, it looks bold and beautiful.
On pink undertones, it gives a very glamorous glow to the skin.

How to apply it?

  • Prep your lips. Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub and hydrate them with a moisturizer. This will prevent lipstick from settling down into cracks which kind of spoils the look of matte lipsticks. Here are more beautiful shades of Kylie's matte Lip Kits.
  • Take the sharpened lip liner and define your pout.
  • Run the lipliner all over your lips which will make it long lasting and transfer proof.
  • Take the liquid lipstick and use the applicator to apply it over your lips. One swipe is enough since the lipstick is very well pigmented. You can checkout other single Kylie lipstick pack as well from Kylie Cosmetics website.
  • Your plump and perfect pout is ready.

What is the applicator like? Kylie cosmetics keep upgrading their formulas and make them even better.
This time, along with the lipstick formula, they changed their large fluffy applicator into a smaller and less fluffy version.
This is better since it allows a better and a more precise application. It helps you stay between the lines even if you have a bit unsteady hand.

Is it vegan? Yes, fear not. Kylie cosmetics are completely cruelty-free and vegan.

What is the smell like? Like the other Kylie lip kits, it has a vanilla cake smell. Don't worry if you don't like the smell, it does not stay for long after drying.


  • It is a very well pigmented and opaque formula.
  • It dries matte to give you the forever desired matte pout.
  • It really gives the illusion of plumped up lips.
  • It does not dry out lips or flake them like other liquid lipsticks.
  • The fresh shade looks good on every skin tone.
  • It is cheaper compared to other luxury brands.
  • It is now available as a single. You can individually buy the lipstick and lipliner.


  • The lip kits are almost always sold out on the website. Hence, availability of the lip kits is a problem.
  • It might be a bit light for ones who like loud and dramatic makeup.

Where to buy it from? Kylie cosmetics sell Dirty peach lipkit for $29.
You can also buy the lipstick and the lipliner individually.

Dirty Peach on Twitter:

  • Just ordered Kylie's apricot lip kit and dirty peach lip kit 😍 i really want to get my hands on harmony so badly ugh. -@kimberlykimoto
  • i'm finally getting my hands on my Kylie's Diary palette and my Dirty Peach lipkit on saturday!! I'm so exctied. -@SIZZLERGRANDE
  • ahhhhh😍😍 (the bronze pallet and dirty peach lipkit bc they're bombbbb). -@makeupslay
  • Dirty peach lipkit by @kyliecosmetics is my new go to fave 😍. -@leelee717
  • First time trying @kyliecosmetics @KylieJenner Burgundy palette and Dirty Peach lipkit and I'm in love!! 😍❤. -@Euniciabalaj

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