Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Summer Collection 2107

Kylie Vacation Edition Has Arrived and Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It!

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Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition Swatches Summer Collection 2017 launching 15 June 6/15
Image Source: Kylie Jenner SNAPCHAT

Kylie Jenner just announced the launch of her Vacation Edition Which is the new Summer Collection of 2017. We must say it looks fab. She had earlier said she was excited about the launch of her Summer Collection, but who knew it would be so breathtaking.
It is surely a collection, so glamorous, so exciting, that no one can take their hands off it. Take Me on Vacation Palette will surely be everyone's favorite soon.

What is the Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition All about?
This Summer Collection 2017 is all about the Vacation Makeup Collection. It includes everything you need to look perfect on your next vacation. Kylie has surely given a lot of thought to it and what a brilliant idea we must say. This vacation edition is just not any other vacation edition. It looks super classy. Everyone wants to look their best during the vacation and get dressed so that they click beautiful pictures. And for that, you need THE BEST makeup set. Get this for your next beach vacation definitely.

Why is it called a Vacation Edition?
Kylie's Summer Collection is called Vacation Edition because:

  1. It is all in small cute sizes which are apt for traveling
  2. It contains all important makeup required to look hot for vacation
  3. It contain body highlighters for beach tanned look
  4. You can get all matte nudes lipstick required for a perfect holiday
  5. A perfect Take Me On Vacation Kyshadow Palette has all important shades making you look bright and beautiful.
  6. Suits every skin tone hence a perfect holiday makeup set.

What all does Kylie's Vacation Edition Includes?
Kylie's Vacation Edition Includes the Following:

  1. Take Me on Vacation Palette: Kyshadow Palette with 16 Shades
  2. Send Me More Nudes: 4 New Nude Matte Lipsticks
  3. 2 New Super Glittery Gloss: Glitz and Glamour
  4. Ultra Glow: Tahiti, Fiji and Santoni
  5. Skinny Dip Duo: Face Bronzer and Highlighter
  6. The Wet Set: Pressed Powder Creamy Body Highlighter Palette with 4 shades
  7. New Summer Matte Lip Kit Collection- June Bug (Purple)

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