Brown Troublemaker Lipstick Swatch Silver Series

The Perfect Brown in Kylie Silver Series Which Works Wonders on All Skin Tones

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Troublemaker Swatches Brown Lipstick Silver Series Kylie Cosmetics 2017

Troublemaker, contrary to its name is going to solve all your lipstick troubles!!

The problem with finding a brown lipstick is, it either looks too dark or ends up looking super matte and washed out. But Kylie cosmetics silver series, as always has the perfect solution, in the name, Troublemaker. Let's see what this shade is like and who will it suit best.

What is the color Troublemaker like?

  1. Troublemaker is a very pretty, rusty brown shade.
  2. It is the perfect hybrid of a glossy and a matte lipstick.
  3. It looks slightly shiny on the lips, but without the trace of shimmer.
  4. This color can be worn every day and will look really good informal environments too.

Who is the shade Troublemaker for?
Troublemaker is a reddish brown shade, hence is really good for medium to dark skin tones.
On lighter and very pale skin tones, it might be a little darker than your regular nude brown, but nothing too vivid or bright.
Matured women and office goers can rock this shade without it looking too dark.

What is the texture of the shade Troublemaker like?
With a creamy and hydrating finish, the satiny lipstick is going to protect your lips all day while adding some intense color.
The shade is intensely pigmented and gives perfect color with just one swipe.

What is the expected price of Troublemaker like?
The shades of Silver series is $17 each.

The Silver series releases on December 13th on Kylie cosmetics official website.

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