Kylie Summer Collection Vacation Edition

Kylie Is About to Launch Her New Summer Collection and We Just Cant Want to Know What It Is!

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Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection 2017 Launch Vacation Edition Palette Highlighter Nude Lip Kits and Bronzer. Kylie Jenner Wearing Black Bikini

Kylie Cosmetics have announced to launch the 2017 summer collection. Just after we saw a round of release for the Koko Kollection Round 2 and Kylie Camo collection launch at the Official Kylie Shop, here we get a new announcement as well. Recently Kylie posted a picture on about her last tweet on Instagram saying she just can't wait to launch her new summer collection of 2017. Just before that, she posted a picture of the Kylie Burgundy Palette stating that for all those who love this Palette, watch out for the next beautiful kyshadow palette which will be announced soon!

How much the Kylie Vacation Edition Summer Collection gonna cost? Plan your budget by reading these price estimates of different Kylie vacation edition products.

What is Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection 2017 called?
Kylie's Summer Collection is named Vacation Edition. It has everything related to vacation. While designing this edition, Kylie had kept holidays and vacation in mind. Hence, if you are a makeup junkie all the launch items are must haves for your next vacation. This is KYLIE'S FAVOURITE EDITION TILL DATE. She is very close to her Vacation Edition and you should know all the lovely items it contains:

  1. Take me on Vacation: Eyeshadow Palette
  2. The Wet Set: Dry Wet Creamy Body Shimmer Palette with 4 shimmery shades
  3. Skinny Duo Dip: Consists of a Face Highlighter and a Bronzer
  4. Send Me More Nudes: 4 New Matte Nude Lipsticks
  5. Ultra Glow: 3 loose powder highlighters named: Tahiti, Fiji, and Santorini
  6. 2 Extra Shimmer Lip Gloss: Glitz and Glamour
  7. 1 Purple Lipkit

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