Kylie Boujee Mattt Red Lip Kit Swatches

Wear Your Confidence with Kylie Boujee Matte Lip Kit and Be Ready to Hit the World.

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Kylie cosmetic Boujee lip kit.

Feeling low? Kylie cosmetics has the perfect solution for you. Nothing lifts up a girls mood better than a perfect red lipstick and Boujee is the one. Initially, it was sold under the name of 'merry' for the holiday special collection by kylie cosmetics but it got so popular that Kylie brought it back under a new name Boujee along with other permanent lipkits,
High Maintenance and Vixen. The pretty dark red lipstick is sure to make you feel super glamorous and party ready. Read to know more about this lipkit.

What is the color of Boujee like?

  • Boujee is a dark red shade which is slightly darker than Kylie Cosmetic's Merry Joo lipkit shade.
  • It has a tinge of black added to it.
  • It looks great on everyone.
  • It is a very versatile and glam shade.
  • It is very opaque and super pigmented shade.

What is the texture like?

The Lip liner:

  • It is a very creamy and velvety texture.
  • It glides easily on lips. There is no need of dragging.
  • It is very well pigmented.
  • It gives an opaque look to lip even without the liquid lipstick.

The Liquid lipstick:

  • Its texture is a bit creamy which can be applied easily on lips.
  • It glides easily on lips.
  • It feels soft and light on lips.
  • It does not feel like you have put on anything on lips which is great for people who find heavy feeling lips uncomfortable.

Is it vegan?

Yes, the lipkit is vegan and cruelty-free.

Who does it look good on?

  • If you are a fan of burnt red lips, this is just the thing for you.
  • It looks good on everyone, regardless of skin tone.
  • Gives you a party ready plump pout.

How to apply?

  • Prep your lips. Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub and plump them with a moisturizer. This will prevent lipstick from settling down into cracks.
  • Take the sharpened lip liner and define your pout. It can be sharpened easily with any lipliner.
  • Run the lipliner all over your lips which will make it long lasting and transfer proof.
  • Take the liquid lipstick and use the applicator to apply it over your lips. One swipe is enough since the lipstick is very well pigmented.
  • Your plump pout looks perfect.

Pros of Boujee lip kit:

  • It is a very well pigmented and opaque formula. One swipe is enough since they are quite well pigmented.
  • It dries matte to give you the desired matte pout.
  • It really gives the illusion of plumped up lips.
  • It does not dry out lips or flake them like other liquid lipsticks.
  • The fresh shade looks good on every skin tone.

Cons of Boujee lip kit:

  • The lip kits are almost always sold out on the website. Hence, availability of the lip kits is a problem.
  • The color of the lipkit may seem to be a bit dark for people who prefer natural makeup.

Where to buy from?

Kylie cosmetics sell Boujee for $29.

Tweets on the product:

Got that boujee lipkit & french vanilla kylighter 😍 -@ooSHAYoo

The new Kylie lipkit Boujee looks so good! -@tinydamie

I need that boujee lipkit from Kylie asap. -@myyloveejuliee

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