Kylie Birthday Edition Collection Brush Teaser

Kylie Jenner New Birthday Edition Collection Has Makeup Brush Set!

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Image Source: Kylie Jenner SNAPCHAT

Kylie Jenner has shared a brand new teaser of her upcoming 20th Birthday Edition collection on Kylie Cosmetics, 2 days before the official date when she will reveal the Birthday Edition collection.

The short she video shared on Kylie Cosmetics Instagram Stories has a set of makeup brushes along with the Kylie pink box with stars whose contents and pricing are major talking points among Kylie's fans.

This would be the first time a Kylie collection would come complete with a makeup brush set.

Kylie also shared a post on Kylie Cosmetics Instagram which says: "I WANT IT ALL", further fuelling the curiosity about what is inside her new Birthday Edition collection 2017 pink box.

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