Kylie Birthday Suit Lipstick Looks

Birthday Suit Nude Matte Lipstick Is One of the Main Attractions of Kylie Cosmetic's Vacation Edition, and We Will Tell You Why

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The Birthday suit matte lipstick from kylie's vacation edition -

Pinkish brown nude looks great on every skin tone. And when it comes to finding the perfect pinkish brown nude, Kylie cosmetics may just have the shade for you. Released as a part of a four piece lipstick set from Kylie cosmetics summer collection, BIRTHDAY SUIT is a beautiful pinkish brown nude shade which will look amazing on your lips. Neither too dark nor too light, we can't help admiring the perfection of this shade. Now let's see what the shade BIRTHDAY SUIT is like and who will it look good on.

What is the color BIRTHDAY SUIT like?

  • BIRTHDAY SUIT is a Pinkish brown shade.
  • It looks nude on the lips.
  • Very flattering shade.
  • Gives a gorgeous look.

What is the texture of BIRTHDAY SUIT LIKE?
The lipstick BIRTHDAY SUIT is available in 2 textures: matte and velvet. Matte has a dry and shine free finish and great for those who love matte finish makeup and do not have dry and cracked lips. Velvet is a great texture for those who love a slightly velvety and shiny finish.

Who does BIRTHDAY SUIT look good on?
Looks good on absolutely all skintones. A bit dark for very pale skin but amazing on darker skintones. On medium skintones, it is the perfect nude.

Where to buy BIRTHDAY SUIT from?
You can buy BIRTHDAY SUIT as a part of the Kylie cosmetics summer collection's lipstick set on July 15, 2017 from Kylie cosmetics website.


  1. Great shade for all skin tones.
  2. A flattering nude
  3. You have option for textures.

Comes as a part of collection so you won't be able to buy individual shades.

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