KKW Beauty Cosmetics Contour and Highlight Kit Swatch

KKW Beauty Cosmetics Has Announced Its First Product and We Can't Hold Our Excitement for It

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KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit Kim Kardashian Cosmetics Launching June 21, 2017, for dark and deep dark skin color with light and medium shades Swatches as well

Kim Kardashian has announced that she will be launching her own Cosmetics Line called "KKW Beauty". She has started an Instagram page and a Website where she would sell her beauty products. She has announced her first product to be launched. It is a creme based contour and highlight kit. The kit and the website is launching on the 21st of June 2017. The Time is not known, hence we presume it should start from Midnight.

What is the first product KKW Beauty is launching?
The first product is creme Contouring and highlight Kit. Kim Kardashian was thought to be the Contouring queen. It is she who actually taught people the art of contouring while promoting other cosmetics brands. But this time she has decided to give her Cosmetics Line a Grand Launch by introducing her contouring and highlight sticks which are sure to be her fans favorite.

What are the colors it would be launched?
Kim has revealed on Instagram that this product, Creme Contour, and Highlight would be available in 4 shades:

  1. Light
  2. Medium
  3. Dark
  4. Deep Dark

What are the skin colors which could use KKW Beauty?
Kim was very thoughtful while launching her cosmetics product line. She has first time in the history started her own cosmetics brands. She is trying her businesswomen skills. So clearly from the launch images and from the information available, we can guess that she wants to target the darker skin colored people a lot. She wants people with dark skin, or tanned look to definitely use her product. She must have thought that there are not enough good products for darker skin shades, hence the much in demand product

  • Contour Stick
  • Highlighter

So, when there is one shade for the light and medium skin tones, there are two shades for the darker skin tone. Dark and Deep Dark. So with the contour stick, there would the highlighters as well for the dark and the deep dark skin color. Isn't that an amazing news.

Why is this Kit Special?
People cannot decide which highlighter should they use with their skin color. But with the KKW Beauty Contouring and Highlighter Stick, one can get both the product together for their skin type. So the Kit would contain contouring stick and highlighter stick for a particular skin type.

Where can you buy the KKW Beauty Contouring and Highlighter Kit?
You can buy it from KKW Beauty online store. Starting from 21 June 2017.

When Kylie Cosmetics has just announced her Vacation Edition, Kim Kardashian also entered the market making her fans curious and excited about her new range of cosmetic products.

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