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Here are all the details why Kourt x Kylie Collection is like Never Before!

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Kourt X Kylie Collection 2018 All Products Lipstick and Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Recently Kylie gave us a wonderful news regarding her collaboration with sister Kourtney Kardashian. She posted a picture on Instagram with Kourt Lipstick collection coming soon. Since then we have been super excited about the collab. She had as announced that Kourt Kylie collection would have a very cute surprise. Our earlier guess was right that those mini-palettes are eye-shadow palettes in the shades of pink, blue and green. The packaging of all the palettes is amazing where the whole collection is glittery and shiny. We love the look of the palette as well because from the outside the box is plain but inside the boxes, the eyeshadow colors are too attractive and there is a shimmery boundary around each cake which gives the whole palette a chic look. Here we give details of all the products in Kourt Kylie Collection.

What are the products in Kourt X Kylie Collection?

Kylie Jenner just announced that the new Kourt Kylie Collection would contain 3 Signature Kourtney's Velvet Lipstick. The collection would also contain 3 mini eye-shadow palettes in pink, blue and green.

How many new lipsticks will be launched in Kourt x Kylie Collection?

There are 3 of Kourtney's signature velvet lip shades:

  1. Rad - See the lip swatch of Rad on Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian in the picture above.
  2. Minnie
  3. French Kiss

What are the palettes getting launched in Kourt x Kylie Collection?

There are three eyeshadow palettes:
Green Palette- Kourtney is wearing Matcha shade from the green palette.
Pink Palette
Blue Palette- Kylie is wearing eyeshadow from the blue palette

Kourt X Kylie Collection can be bought on Kylie Cosmetics website on 24th of April at 9 PM PST. The price of the collection is not now but will be notified about it as soon as it is announced.


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