Ultra Beam Vs Ultra Glow Highlighters

Which Is a Better Highlighter? Ultra Glow by Kylie or Ultra Beam by Kim?

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Kim Kardashian Lip and Eye Swatch wearing KKW Ultra Glow Highlighters Golden and Pink in Color
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Kim Kardashian has just announced the launch of her first set of highlighters and lip gloss. It is Ultra Beam Highlighters and Lip Glosses launching on 1st December 2017.

Similarly, Kylie Jenner had launched Ultra Glow Highlighters earlier this year as a part of her Birthday Collection and Vacation Collection.

So what is the difference between Kylie Ultra Glow and KKW Ultra Beam?

  • Kylie's Sells Ultra Glow in 6 Colors- Tahiti, Santorini, Fiji, King and Queen, and Wisteria
  • KKW Has Ultra Beam in 5 Colors- Silver, Golden, Bronze, Rose-Gold, and Orange-Gold colors.
  • Kylie does not have Ultra Glow Glosses, but have high shimmery lip glosses- In Holiday Collection 2017, there are 2 Lip Sets. Sugar Lip set has Sugar Lip Gloss and Butter Lip Gloss which are highly shimmery. Spice Lip Set has a highly metallic gloss called Juniper Gloss.
  • KKW Beauty has 5 Ultra Beam Lip Gloss- exactly the same shade of the Ultra Beam Highlighers
  • Price of Kylie's Ultra Glows is $14 each.
  • Price of Kylie's Lip Gloss is around $15 each.
  • Price of KKW's Ultra Beam Highlighters is expected to be around $16
  • Price of KKW's Ultra Beam Lip Gloss is expected to be around $20

Which is a better highlighter? Ultra Glow or Ultra Beam
It is difficult to decide which is a better highlighter between the two, however, there are some evident differences which would help you decide to choose the right highlighter for you.

  • KKW Beauty has pure gold color, it has pure silver col, r, bright rose-gold, shimmering bronze, and orange-gold shade.
  • Kylie Ultra Glow doesn't have these colors. It has shimmering soft lavender(Wisteria), shimmering silver champagne(Santorini), shimmering light rose gold(Tahiti), shimmering soft gold(Fiji)
  • If you want softer looks, go for Kylie Ultra Glow, and if you want bold dramatic look which stands out go for KKW Beauty Ultra Beam
  • If you want Purple highlighter, its there only in Kylie Cosmetics and not in KKW Beauty yet.

Hope the comparison list help you decide which highlighter to purchase. Personally, we just love all of them as they suit all different occasions!

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