What Are the Products from KKW Beauty (Update)? Everything You Need to Know

What Are the Products from KKW Beauty (Update)? Everything You Need to Know

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Contouring Queen Kim Kardashian just revealed about her own Cosmetics product line "KKW Beauty". She will sell the products exclusively online. This cosmetics brand is the brain child of Kim Kardashian herself. She has done very hard work to launch the brand.

10 Things You Should Know About KKW Beauty

  1. KKW Beauty Stands for Kim Kardashian West Beauty Cosmetics Products which will sell exclusively online
  2. The KKW Beauty will sell everything which has been Kim's favorite. It will sell Skin Products, Contour Kit, Concealers, Fragrance, and Highlighters.
  3. The beauty line would have products for darker skin tones as well. Moreover, they will have more shades of the dark skin color. Like the Contour Sticks will come in 4 colors, out of which two are dark and deep dark
  4. The production of the products happen in California, and Kim personally visits the factory to ensure quality
  5. All over Kims house, you would find hundreds of shades of concealers, foundations, and contours, deciding which one should she launch
  6. This is not a competition to her sister Kylie Jenner. The products range will be specific ti what Kim Loves. Hence this would be a relief for Kim's fan to get hold of Kim's Favourite product.
  7. KKW Beauty First Release will be on 21 June 2017
  8. You can sign up on the KKW Beauty Website before hand to get exciting offers
  9. KKW Beauty would launch some new products every month. So it is here to stay for a long time and win the heart of people.
  10. We expect the pricing of the KKW beauty products to be similar to what Kylie Cosmetics quote. We expect it would not be very cheap but also not very expensive. The Price of the First Product which is the Contour Kit is $48. It includes dual side contour stick, dual side highlighter stick and a brush with a dual side. One Side Sponge and the other side brush.

KKW Beauty Sign Up

What Are the Products from KKW Beauty (Update)? Everything You Need to Know
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