KKW Beauty Nude Lipstick Collection Swatches and Shade Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Find the Perfect KKW Beauty Nude Lipstick and Lipliner for Your Skintone

Kim Kardashian's new signature lipstick collection is makeup goals for all skin tones.

When it comes to creating makeup with amazing quality, the Kardashian Jenner clan has never failed us. Youngest sister Kylie Jenner's Kylie cosmetics line has a huge variety of shades for all kinds of makeup lovers and Kim's collection isn't far behind. The eldest Kardashian sister has just dropped her KKW beauty 11 piece lipstick collection which has been inspired by her own signature nude lipstick which she is seen wearing more than often. But how inclusive is the collection in reality? Can everyone expect to find the nude shade they have been searching their whole lives?
Here we have brought you an extensive breakdown of the shades so that you can decide which shade is perfect for you.


Nude 1: Light pinky nude

  • This is the lightest shade is the collection.
  • This shade is perfect for cool toned girls with very light or pale skin tone.
  • It is perfect for young girls and is a perfect spring summer shade to amp up your pout.
  • Though the shade is the perfect nude for light skin tones, it might end up looking washed out on medium or dark skin tones. If darker beauties want to wear it, we would suggest pairing it with a darker lipliner.

Nude 2: Warm light nude

  • This is the second shade of the collection and is slightly on the warmer side as compared to the Nude 1 shade.
  • This is perfect for light skinned women with yellow undertones.
  • This is a light shade which can be worn comfortably to work.
  • Nude 2 also looks good on medium skin tones but it might look a bit pale on dark skin tones.

Nude 3: Mid-tone terracotta

  • This shade is a warmer nude shade which suits medium skin-toned girls very well.
  • It looks good on women of every undertone.
  • For lighter skinned women, it works as a bit dark nude and flatters the skin very well.

Nude 4: Mid-tone cool nude

  • The Nude 4 shade is quite unique. Despite being a mid-toned shade, it has cool undertones which is pretty rare.
  • This shade is perfect for warmer skin tones girls with rosy undertones. It also looks good on cool undertoned women with a summer tan.
  • It can be worn at all times and can be paired with KKW Lipliner for a clean look.

Nude 5: Mid-tone rosy nude

  • According to researchers, a pinkish brown shade suits most skin tones.
  • Nude 5 is one of those shades.
  • Whether you have a cool undertone or warm or neutral, wear this color and you will find new confidence.

Nude 6: Deep brown nude

  • A light brown nude shade is quite difficult to find but it looks great on warmer yellow undertoned skin.
  • This shade will not look natural or like your lips, but it will enhance the lips with a tinge of brown without making it look too bold.

Nude 7: Mocha nude

  • This is one of the two shades of the KKW Beauty lipstick collection which especially caters to darker women who find it tough to get their nude shade since most end up looking too pale.
  • It has warmer undertones and looks very flattering.
  • Lighter skinned women can make this their go to evening nude shade.

Nude 8: Deep chocolate nude

  • This shade is a very dark brown which is meant for dark skin tones.
  • It is a bold chocolatey shade that makes your pout look plump and pretty.
  • But at the same time, medium and lighter skinned women can wear it as a standout shade.


Nude 1: Light true nude

  • This is the lightest shade in the lipliner collection.
  • Pair it with Nude 1 and 2 lipsticks for a perfect finish.

Nude 2: Medium warm nude

  • This shade of lipliner can be paired with a wide range of shades including Nude 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • You can also pair it with the lighter shades for a dimensional lip.

Nude 3: Deep brown nude

  • This is the warmest shade in the collection and looks best with Nude 7 and 8 lipsticks.

You can also pair darker lipliners with lighter lipsticks to create the illusion of a more plumper pout. The shades of KKW beauty are really inclusive and look great on every skintone. They were just dropped on KKW beauty website. Check the swatches out below.


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