What Is KKW Beauty?

All You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Kim's KKW Beauty Website

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how to kkwbeauty sign up process explained

Kim Kardashian is the new Kylie Jenner. Yes, you heard that right and not the other way round. Kim Kardashian is following her young sis to launch a cosmetic website of her own. The website is named KKWBEAUTY and is already functional. But all you can do right now on the website is "SIGN UP" with your email address and that's it. You will get to see are a couple of nude-peach colored background pages and some non-clickable banners.

The sign-up process is as confusing as it gets especially because you would expect to log in to your account but It is like an email/newsletter subscription sign-up where you allow KKWBEAUTY to send you emails. Although we suggest you sign-up to it now if you want to have a fighting chance to buy the Contour and Highlight Kit which will be released on 6/21. With the KKWBEAUTY launch on 21st June gathering more social media attention that the recent release of Kylie Vacation Edition which was sold out in 3 seconds after launch, buying the contour kit from KKW BEAUTY on 6/21 won't be short of winning a lottery.

Follow the steps below to sign up on KKW BEAUTY

  1. Open KKWBEAUTY website
  2. Enter your Email Address and Press SIGN UP
  3. You will receive a mail "Confirm Your Subscription to KKW BEAUTY"
  4. Press "Yes I want to subscribe" in the mail
  5. You will be directed to KKWBEAUTY website once again and you are done!

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