Thicken Eyelashes with Castor Oil

How to Thicken Your Eyelashes?

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Does Castor Oil Work For Eyelashes?
It has been the greatest desire for all women to possess beautiful lashes which are thick and long at the same time. Long and thick lashes give a dazzling look to a woman. Castor oil, thus, again casts its trick in thickening of the lashes. We already know how castor oil has amazing benefits for hair, skin and health. Castor oil is said to show amazing results when applied on the eyebrows as well. If you are a person who believes in natural treatment and doesn't rely on cosmetics, you should start including the castor oil regime in your skin, nails, and lips care.

How is castor oil made?
Castor oil is an indigenous commodity which is obtained by crushing the seeds of the castor plant which is capable of battling against various infirmities.

Why castor oil?
Castor oil casts a spell when it is put to usage for thickening of hairs. It is highly beneficial for skin as well. It aids in the growth of hairs on eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil is nevertheless the best available remedy for hair loss in eyebrows and lashes and can be termed as a therapy when put to use for both external and internal purposes.

What are the constituents of castor oil?
Rich in high ricinoleic acid it thus proves to be a very productive indigenous antibacterial and antifungal proxy. When it comes to hair growth, castor oil keeps away all kinds of fungus or bacteria from attacking. It embodies plenty of fatty acids which generates hair growth at large. It possesses the potential to penetrate quite deep from the epidermis thus aiding in hair growth.

What are the kinds of castor oil available?
Castor oils can be found only in two variants namely Jamaican black castor oil and Regular or clearer or Cold pressed castor oil.

What is Jamaican castor oil?
Jamaican castor oils are dark colored oil which is derived from the roasted castor beans. Due to the filth obtained from the beans, the oil tends to become a mixture of both ash and oil. This particular castor oil is rich in fatty acids and phytochemicals that aids in the striking treatment of hair and skin related issues.

What is regular or clearer or cold pressed castor oil?
This type of castor oil is quite easily available in the market which is transparent in terms of color. It contains the same substances to that of the Jamaican castor oil.

What are the common uses of castor oil?
Castor oil helps in thickening of eyebrows and strengthening of hair. It acts as a great remedy for the reduction of dandruff and is a great lotion for skin.

What are the various advantages of applying castor oil on the skin?
Castor oil is capable of---

  1. Healing burnt skin
  2. Decreasing chromatism
  3. Inhibiting stretch marks
  4. Dissolving epidermal flaws
  5. Humidifying the epidermal layer
  6. Diminishing pimples
  7. Fighting several symptoms of maturity

What are the merits of using castor oil on hairs?
Merits of using castor oil on hairs are as follows-

  1. Aids in hair growth
  2. Cures scalp contamination
  3. Bars early graying
  4. Moisturizes hair at large

How is castor oil beneficial in terms of health?

  1. Fixes back pain
  2. Improves immune power
  3. Cures arthritis
  4. Cleanses cuts

How does castor oil help in growing thicker eyebrows and lashes?
Castor oil is effective in boosting and hydrating eyebrows and lashes. It enables the right kind of ambiance for the brows and lashes to breed without any hindrance.

Why is castor oil popular among the commonality?
Having the advantage of being inexpensive and a customary substitute for conserving hair on eyebrows and eyelashes, it has thus gained a wide popularity among the masses. Therefore, it is regardless to claim that castor oil proves to be a great natural ingredient for hair growth.

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