Dazzle Velvet Lip Kit Review

Get Your Subtle Glamour Look with Kylie Dazzle Warm Terracotta

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Dazzle is warm Terracotta shade. It's a brownish orange color with the pinch of a brighter side which gives matte and velvety effect. Instagram and beauty bloggers have been going crazy over this beautiful texture because it doesn't dry out your lips and feels smoother but at the same time gives a semi matte look.

Some facts about DAZZLE VELVET lip kit:
It's a darker version of burnt orange with hints of brown.
It's a warm terracotta shade which you gonna love it for sure.
It does not dry out lips, unlike the matte lip kits.
It feels nice and creamy on lips. It has a velvety texture which glides smoothly.
It does not feel heavy on lips. It has a light consistency which makes you forget that you have anything on your lips.
It suits most skin tones and enhances the beauty without being too imposing.
Suits women of all ages.

Is it smudge free?
It is almost smudged free and transfer proof. The staying power is amazing. It stays and does not need reapplication even while eating and drinking.

Is it vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes, for all animal and environment lovers, Kylie cosmetics proudly proclaims on its website that all the products are cruelty-free and vegan.

How does it smell like?
It has a vanilla smell which you might not be a big fan of, but the smell does not last long.

How to use it?
Take the sharpened lip liner and shape your lips with it. You can even line a bit outside lips if you want to make your lips look plump. Then run the pencil over your entire lips if you want to make your lipstick more transfer proof.
After that apply the liquid lipstick over your lips evenly and smoothly. 1st coat with the applicator is enough for the perfect look. We love the applicator which applies the product perfectly.
Make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying the lip kit. Try using a lip balm if your lips are too dry.

How does the packaging look like?
It's the same as usual like all Kylie lip kit packaging which has the company name and logo print on it. Velvet is written over the box. Packaging contains one lipliner and one liquid lipstick.

Very pigmented and gives opaque color in one swipe.
The lip pencils can be sharpened with any cosmetics sharpener.
Transfer proof and long lasting. Does not need reapplication.
It's a very velvety and smooth formula which doesn't dry out lips or flake them.
Very versatile color. Suits most skin colors and good for women of all ages.
It is a strong but subtle color.
The applicator of the lipstick is amazing.
The liquid lipstick can be used alone too.

At $27, it might seem a bit expensive for your budget.
Availability of the lipstick is a problem since the lip kits are very popular and are often sold out.

Where to buy it from?
Kylie cosmetics sell Dazzle velvet lip kit for $27.

Other Four velvet lip kit is worth to check out in Kylie's cosmetics collection of march 2017.
Charm: Light Neutral Nude Pink.
Harmony: Medium Neutral Nude Pink.
Dazzle: Dark Reddish Orange.
Rosie: Dark Burgundy.

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