Kylie Charm Velvet Lip Kit Review

Get Ready to Spread Your Charm with Kylie Charm Velvet Lip Kit

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Velvet matte lipsticks have got a lot of attention thanks to all the hype caused by Instagram and beauty bloggers. Charm is one of Kylie's velvet matte lip kits. Charm is a dusty pink rose. It is a very pretty nude color with brownish undertones. It looks and feels very soft and smooth and you are bound to love it. For all nude color lovers, this kylie lip kit is gonna be your favorite.

Here is something about Kylie's Charm lip kit:

This color is a beautiful dusty pink rose color.
This nude shade is a pinky brown and delivers a right consistency on lips.
It looks super soft and velvety on lips.
This is a neutral pinkish shade which looks good on most skin tones. It looks a bit pale on darker skin tones but looks natural on the lighter skin. It's a pretty versatile color and goes well with many skin tones.
It comes in kylie lip kit box packaging with the name of the company Kylie and its lip logo. The packaging is similar to matte lip kits but has velvet written upon it. The lip kit consists of a lipliner which consists of 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick and 1 Pencil Lip Liner.

How to apply it?
Define your lips with the lipliner and keep the lines clean and sharp by using a well-sharpened lip pencil.
Then fill your lips with the CHARM lip pencil completely.
Then apply the Charm Liquid Lip lipstick all over your lips smoothly and evenly over your lips. The applicator delivers the exactly right amount of product and is the best applicator ever.
Make sure you use a lip scrub and a lip balm before applying the lip liner. This would help your lips stay healthy. You can make your own lip scrub by mixing coconut oil n sugar granules.

Does it dry out lips?
Matte lipsticks are very drying but velvet matte has an amazing and almost hydrating texture. It's very impressive since it stays for long but doesn't dry lips.

Is it cruelty-free?
Kylie cosmetics are completely cruelty-free and vegan. Hence we love it!

Light and creamy formula. Doesn't feel heavy on lips.
Very well pigmented. One swipe is enough to deliver the perfect amount of color.
Doesn't dry lips or make it flaky.
The lipstick can be used alone too.
The color is very pretty and nude. It's a great option for all ages.
It's quite reasonably priced at $27.

Colour might look pale on darker skin tones.
Kylie cosmetics are often sold out. Availability is an issue.

Is it worth investing in?
If you like well pigmented creamy lipsticks, this is it. It takes best from all formulas and doesn't dry lips which are a big drawback of matte lipsticks. You should go for it.

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