Apricot Peach Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

You Wont Be Able to Resist This Perfect Nude Apricot Matte Kylie Lip Kit!

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When all the girls are going crazy over Kylie Lip Kit, we bring you a soft, subtle Kylie Lip Kit Color which you will surely love. Instagram is going crazy over this beautiful piece from Kylie Cosmetics.
Here we are talking about the Matte Apricot Lip Kit from Kylie Cosmetics.

  • This color is a pale peach color
  • This peach shade is actually a blend of pink and orange
  • It looks super soft on lips.
  • This lip kit is an awesome girly peach color which looks fabulous on teens and young women
  • This color is a perfect match for the fair skinned since it would blend with their skin. However, for darker skins, this is definitely a color to stand out and look trendy. Hence it goes with all the skin tones.

It comes in usual cardboard box packaging with the name of the company Kylie and its lip logo. The lipkit consits of a lipliner which consists of : 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick and 1 Pencil Lip Liner.

How to apply it?

  • First outline your lips with the lip-liner
  • Dont forget to fill your lips with the Apricot Lip Pencil completely.
  • Then apply the Apricot Liquid Lip Kit over your lips smoothly and evenly over your lips. The applicator delivers exactly right amount of product and hence we love it!
  • Make sure you moisturize your skin before applying the lip liner. This would ensure that when the lips dry, it won't crack. If the crack shows, it looks very bad.

How to sharpen the lip liner?
The best thing about Kylie Lip Liners is that it can be sharpened easily with the usual lip liner. Make sure you are careful since lip liners break easily if over sharpened.

When was it launched?
It was launched as a limited edition and made permanent in February 2017 due to its popularity.

Pros of the apricot lipkit:
● The Apricot Peach Lip shade gives a dreamy look.
● The peach lipstick is very creamy. It does not dry out lips even after long hours.
●It lasts really long and is almost completely transfer proof especially if you use it with the lipliner.
●The lipliner can be sharpened easily with any lipliner sharpner
● We really love the applicator of the lipstick which is soft and delivers the right amount of product.
●The final look really gives off the plumped up lips look.

Cons of apricot matte:
●Availability of the lip kit may be a problem since it is always sold out on Kylie Cosmetics website.
●It might be a bit expensive depending on your budget. $29 is its price. Similar color in other brands would cost you much less.
● The colour suits pale tones better so if you want a really natural look, then it might not be your shade.
After launch, it was sold out on website in 15 minutes. This is your ultimate product for plump lip look and a really good liquid matte lipstick.

Is it vegan?
So if you are wondering whether this is vegan or not, yes, apricot is totally vegan.

Where to buy it from? sells apricot lipkit for $29.

Is it worth investing?
Yes, its a great add on to your makeup kit if pale shades are your type. The product does all it promises and is totally worth the hype. You should absolutely go for it.

Crazy Tweets from girls who are madly in love with Kylie Cosmetics:
I wonder if in beauty and the beast @EmmaWatson wore the apricot lipkit as belle!!

Pretty sure this is my new favorite 😍@kyliecosmetics #apricot #KYLIECOSMETICS #lipkit

Just received my Royal Peach Palette and Apricot Lipkit. IM IN LOVE🍑💋🔥🔸♥️🍑💋🔸♥️ @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics #KYLIECOSMETICS #apricot #peach

Living for this lippie😍 @kyliecosmetics #ApricotLipKit

Sooo excited. I have just purchased a kylighter and an Apricot lipkit. Gonna be poppin'! @kyliecosmetics

Got my hands on THE ROYAL PEACH PALLET and the Apricot lipkit! 😍💖🙌🏻💋🔥☺️🍑🍑 #kyliecosmetics… (link: https: //www. Instagram. Com/p/BRWc2ueFxDd/) instagram. Com/p/BRWc2ueFxDd

Dying over the Apricot lipkit I just got 😍😍 @kyliejenner @kyliecosmetics

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Apricot  Matte Lip Kit Kylie Cosmetics Review
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